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I searched intently to find a massage therapist for a girls spa day while vacationing in Jackson Hole. I hit the jackpot with Kate! My mom and I both love a good massage and understand that it’s hard to find... but Kate truly superseded my expectations! Not only was she extremely professional, she went above and beyond to make sure we felt cool enough, safe (COVID), and comfortable. She intently listened to my problem areas and really focused on those within the time allotted and made sure I left feeling relief. Her time management is excellent... I usually feel rushed at the end of a massage, but she managed her time so well that I didn’t feel that any part on my body was rushed or neglected.

She’s so pleasant to talk with and if you prefer a more silent peaceful massage, she’s great at that too. Her intuition to figure out exactly what you want and need is truly on point! I cannot recommend her enough! Thank You again Kate! Until Next Time!


-- Natalie Herbert --

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After listening intently to my needs and issues, followed by questions to ensure the benefits gained from the massage, Kate masterfully performs her magic. No two massages are alike as Kate's knowledge leads her to provide the ultimate individual experience each and every week. Recommended by a massage associate on maternity leave, my progression in recovery from pain related to a full-knee replacement has been nothing short of spectacular.

Kate is professional, caring, knowledgeable, and intuitive, welcoming all feedback to provide one with a tailored massage. Traveling regularly and owning properties in various locations forces me to find THE massage therapist in any given area where we spend extended time. Kate is my hometown Jackson therapist who I visit regularly. I've enjoyed hundreds of massages, and Kate provides one of the very, very best, if not THE best massage I've ever received. DO NOT HESITATE to reserve time with Kate NOW if you are in need of relaxation, rejuvenation, repair, or relief.


-- @wymparadise --

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Jackson, Wyoming




Thai massage, sometimes called "lazy man's yoga", is the perfect combination of passive stretching and compression massage.  It also emphasizes the connection that can be made between therapist and client, moving in conjunction to encourage breath and relaxation.  Thai massage has been taught to me by my mentor, Elizabeth Drapela, here in Jackson, as well as by Camden Clay in Atlanta Georgia.  Both teachers learned directly from the masters in Thailand and I hope to make my first  pilgrimage there in the near future.  Thai massage can bring a unique awareness to your body's flexibility and range of motion, and can be enjoyed at any age or fitness level.  I will be awarding you thirty minutes extra for free on your first Thai massage.  I encourage you to try it.



I am unable to accommodate

same day sessions

$120 - 60 Minute Session
$160 - 90 Minute Session
$200 - 120 Minute Session


Neuromuscular Therapy
Swedish Massage
Thai Massage
Myofascial Release
Trigger Point Therapy
Sports Massage
Hot Stone / Gua Sha / Facial Massage
Injury Prevention / Performance Preparation
Passive, Active, and Dynamic Stretching



Facial & Scalp Intensive - $60

This 30 minute enhancement to your regular massage uses techniques gleaned from anti-aging experts, lymphatic drainage massage, hair growth stimulation techniques, Indian head massage (Champissage), acupressure and myofascial release. Inspired by the demonstrations and philosophies of facial massage experts such as Yukuko Tanaka and Candice Forness, Kate seeks to investigate the possibilities of facial rejuvenation through manual therapy. Kate's ultimate goal is to massage life back into the tissues and encourage a deeply relaxed face and head.


"Kate's lymph-moving facial massage (or any massage she offers) is stunning and leaves me energized with a glowing vitality. Her touch is precise, comforting, and filled with love. I feel completely cared for in her hands. Thank you for this age defying experience, my face thanks you!" 

~ Amanda Jean, veteran Jackson massage therapist

."I chose a facial massage mostly because I can truly relax during the time the therapy is happening and can totally let all thoughts go."
~ Adam Long, general manager of a local Jackson ranch



After graduation from the Atlanta School of Massage in 1999, Kate worked in gyms, chiropractic offices, and eventually built and maintained her own massage business for ten years in Atlanta, Georgia.  Searching for big sky and peace of mind, she took a job in 2014, running the Spa and massaging guests at Brooks Lake Lodge and
Spa in Dubois, Wyoming.  She has since opened her own massage therapy practice in Jackson Hole.

Kate has extensive training in a wide variety of clinical massage modalities, which she incorporates into each session based on the goals of each client.  She engages the nervous system in order to modulate pain and increase a client’s self-awareness, thereby facilitating the body’s own ability to heal itself.  With precision and finesse, Kate can help you to achieve a higher level of wellness.


I was introduced to, and treated on a weekly basis by Kate this summer when my regular massage therapist was initially unable to see me due to the Covid. Kate is a professional, meticulous and detail oriented massage therapist. She is also an exceptional and patient listener who asks pertinent follow up questions in order to come up with a plan of treatment.

Another amazing thing about Kate is her ability to address every issue in any given session.
I will tell you from extensive experience receiving massage therapy through the years that there are times you get off the table feeling something was "left out" in order to focus on the more pressing issues of the day - amazingly this never happens with Kate! I don't know how she does that but am very appreciative.  I would recommend Kate without hesitation.
~ D. B.

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Cary, N.C.

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